Application Hints

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Applications for roles at SAB will usually include a number of steps, however the procedure may vary according to the role you are applying for.

Typically this may include submitting your CV, completing online assessments, telephone interviews and face-to-face interviews. Applications for some roles or programmes may involve a formal assessment.

Preparing Your CV

Your CV is an important part of the SAB application process as it is your first opportunity to demonstrate your qualities and achievements. It also enables us to consider you if another suitable role comes up in the future.

Begin your CV with a brief summary of your skills, accomplishments and career goals. Follow this with your employment history and work experience. Include full details of your employers, dates, job titles and responsibilities. Make sure you give examples of your skills and achievements, relating these to the role for which you are applying wherever possible.

Next give details of the university, school or college you attended, your qualifications and grades, and any work-related courses taken. Finally, mention any hobbies or interests that have a particular relevance to the role you are applying for.

Online Assessment

For some roles we may send you a link to a website containing some online assessments. These are designed to identify whether you have the skill and/or aptitude required for the role.

You should complete some of the practice questions supplied before you begin and only start the assessment when you are sure you can give it your undivided attention. We will contact you following completion of the assessment to let you know if you have made it through to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Telephone Interviews

A short telephone interview may be undertaken to assess your general skills and motivation for applying. We may also use this opportunity to see if you are compatible with our organisational values of being open, dependable, connected and value working together as a team.

You should listen carefully, and speak clearly and confidently. Remember that you will not be able to make eye contact or use body language so you should give direct and honest answers and pause if you need time to think through the situation or task that you are trying to explain.

Face-To-Face Interviews

Be sure to arrive early and be fully prepared. Bring your CV and any other relevant documentation. Confirm the interview time and location in advance so that there is no confusion.

Know your strengths and be prepared to give examples of how you have applied your relevant skills. Make sure the interviewer knows you are enthusiastic about the opportunity to work at SABB.

You should take a moment to think before answering each question and ask the interviewer to repeat it if you haven’t fully understood the question.

Assessment Centres

Depending on the role or programme you have applied for, you may be asked to visit one of SABB’s assessment centres. The assessment will involve a number of tasks and interviews and your performance will be rated against defined criteria.

You should research SABB, the banking industry and the role you have applied for beforehand. Make sure you arrive early and have all the necessary documents that we have requested with you. Be yourself and do not assume that you are in competition with other candidates.

If you are successful at the assessment centre we will contact you and let you know what the next steps are.