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    SAB bank seeks to set an example in spreading awareness to the public and to its customers about the financial and banking services and how to use these services and the adopted procedures in the development and advancement of financial knowledge of various banking services. This helps in economic and social development and avoiding risks, and guides the customers and provides them with sufficient information to choose the suitable products that meet their needs.

    Therefore, it is necessary to guide the customers in regards to the provided services, their quality and nature; the Bank also works in introducing the features, benefits and methods to receive such services, including deposits, checking accounts, accounts payable and receivable and saving accounts. In addition to loans, their benefits, interest rates, how to obtain them, payments and postponements.

    Credit Advisor Unit:

    • We always aim to be within easy reach and we want to make sure you get the answers you want quickly and easily through our credit advisors.

    The credit advisors can be reached on 8001242525 from Sunday to Thursday (08:00 A.M to 17:00 P.M).

    How to avoid bank fraud?

    • Protect banking confidentiality and personal date. Do not disclose information. Maintain privacy.
    • Do not sign incomplete documents. Always keep a copy of all signed contracts.
    • Ensure all data contained in your bank statements is correct (i.e., account numbers, amounts, currencies, transaction dates, etc.). Always keep deposit and withdrawal receipts.
    • Do not discuss your financial and banking matters with individuals who are unlicensed in this field of expertise.
    • Reduce your use of credit cards over the Internet; especially with unknown websites.
    • Know costs and fees before requesting banking services.
    • Request account statements at least once every six months.
    • Keep personal computers protected by updating software protection programs.
    • Personally update your data only though brank branches.
    • Always access the bank’s website directly; do not enter through another website.
    • When downloading the bank’s application, ensure you do so through a reliable source.


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