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  • Current Accounts:

    A current Account Islamic/conventional is designed for everyday banking needs, providing you with convenient access to your funds. With the current account at SAB you can benefit from followingfeatures:

    • Easy deposits and withdrawals : Make unlimited deposits and enjoy the flexibility of withdrawing funds whenever you need, either through branch or our user friendly online banking platform.
    • Checkbook issuance: helps you make payments and manage your transactions effectively.
    • Digital Banking: schedule bill payments, set up Direct Debits, and transfer funds between accounts using our secure online services.

    Corporate Account Opening form

    Islamic Corporate Account Opening Form


    Saving Account:

    Our Islamic/conventional Saving Accounts are designed to help you achieve your financial goals. Key features of our savings accounts include:

    • Competitive interest rates: Benefit from attractive interest rates that help your savings grow over time.
    • Flexibility: choose between fixed or variable interest rate savings accounts depending on your preferences and financial objectives.

    Islamic Mudaraba Savings Account:

    A Shariah-compliant Islamic savings account based on the Mudarabah concept that generates profit for you, based on your average daily balance.

    Islamic Mudarabah Saving Account is based on the Mudarabah concept which generates profit on customers average daily account balances. The most important difference between this account and conventional saving accounts is that the customers’ funds are invested in Shariah Compliant Islamic assets and customers benefit from the profit that these assets generate.

    Features and Benefits of Islamic Mudarabah Saving Account include:

    • Approved by SAB’s Shariah Committee
    • A periodic statement is provided to record account transaction details
    • Account can be opened in all major currencies
    • Profit is calculated based on daily average balances maintained during the month

    Mudaraba Terms and Conditions

    Islamic Saving and Investment Accounts Disclosure:

    Term Deposits:

    If you prefer a more secure and predictable way of growing your savings, our Islamic / Conventional Term Deposits offer a reliable investment option. Here are the highlights of our Term Deposits:

    • Fixed Interest rates: lock in a competitive interest rate for a specific term, ensuring a predictable return on your investment.
    • Various Term Lengths: Select your term duration that aligns with your financial goals, ranging from short-term options to longer-term commitments.
    • Guaranteed returns: Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your investment is secure and will grow at the specific rate.

    Islamic Commodity Investment Account:

    SAB’s Islamic Commodity Investment Account is an innovative Shariah compliaint alternative to conventional Time Deposits for investors looking for attractive returns in the short to medium term. Islamic Commodity Investment Account is an innovative Shariah complaint alternative to conventional Time Deposits for investors looking for attractive returns in the short to medium term.


    Features and Benefits of Islamic Commodity Investment Account include:

    • Shariah compliant alternative to Time Deposits
    • Competitive returns for short to medium term investments
    • Investment available in other currencies: USD, GBP
    • Flexible investment periods of 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12 months

    Murabaha Investment Agreement

    Join us today and take advantage of our comprehensive banking services. Should you require any further assistance , our team of dedicated professionals is here to help.

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