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    B2B Overview

     SAB Connect (B2B) is the SAB’s Banking API/H2H (Host-to-Host) Solution for corporates with a dynamic array of integrated payment solutions and financial services in order to make your payment processes straight-through and real-time on a 24x7 basis.


    Customers are given full control over their Accounts and Payments with security-rich features and easiest integration of their financial system with SAB’s API Gateway.


     SAB Connect platform supports smooth integration with all types of ERP/Cloud systems whilst allowing Clients to monitor, transact and control their bank accounts conveniently and securely.


    SAB B2B solution
    SAB B2B solution provides the below services
    • Account Management
    • Statement Services
    • Fund Transfer (Local & Overseas)
    • SADAD/MOI payments
    • Payroll Services
    • Virtual Account Services
    • Enquiry Services


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    End to End automation of payment process for around-the-clock


    Ensure security and confidentiality of data through industry security standards


    The solution is adaptable for all types of ERP integration (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Cloud Based, etc.)


    Instant access to Funds Position and Account Statements


    Easy to manage accounts payable and receivables


    Straight Through Processing of Transactions (STP)


    Facilitate Government Payments in real time 24x7


    Pay utility bills (PREPAID POSTPAID)


    Supports Various API message types

    Apply Now

    To apply, please email to our sales team or call us directly:

    To apply, please email to our sales team or call us directly:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    SAB has a dedicated Integration team that will coordinate with Customers to ensure a timely and secure integration of SAB’s B2B System.

    Yes. Both single and bulk payments are supported by B2B for a myriad of payment types including: IATs (within SAB), local and international transactions, SADAD, MOI and Payroll.

    SAB has a highly skilled Integration unit that is dedicated to supporting our Customer’s needs throughout the full Integration lifecycle.

    The integration can take as little as a day provided the pre-requisites are aligned (accounts open etc).

    Yes. Large, medium and small scale corporate customers who are banking through ERP systems, own financial systems, third party financial systems or Cloud environments can connect to SAB B2B platform. Our Integration Team can address specific queries in relation to this.

    Yes. Customers can make SADAD and MOI bill payments via the system.

    B2B supports customized SWIFT MT, JSON & ISO 20022 XML formats.

    Only secure HTTP protocol connectivity is supported - HTTPS.

    Customers can digitally sign their requests using SSL certificates before sending them to the Bank and the TLS 1.2 Security Protocol is utilized for end-to-end security.

    Customers can go through the below SAB B2B agreement, filling the required details and duly sign the agreement with the help of Relationship Manager or Bank representative.

    Forms & Agreements:


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