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    We are happy to announce SAB 360°service in our digital channels.

    SAB 360° service will provide an easy understanding of finances complexity and give a firm grasp of income and expenses, as well as checking cash flow. It includes a variety of features and functions to which customers can easily manage their own finances.

    SAB 360° List of Services

    Compare your spends

    It's a feature where you can compare between different groups/categories expenses in a specific period of time. For example, you can compare between your expenses in restaurants, in two different days, months, weeks or years

    Spend Categories

    It’s a feature where you can view your expenses in a specific group, category and merchant. Therefore, you will be able track your expenses easily and choose the desired period of time to review. For example, you can view your expenses in a famous restaurant throughout the year.


    It's a feature where you can create a tag and link transactions to it. For example, you are traveling to Alula and you want to allocate all your expenses while you are Alula in one place. By creating a tag and naming it for an instant, #Alula_trip. You can link transactions to it for ease of reference, illustration and tracking.


    It's a feature where you can create a budget for each group/category. The budget can be also automated from the system based on your transactions history. For example, you can set a budget for the Cafes category. Therefore, you will be able to track it, view it and get notified about it.

    Activity Feed

    A feature that will be showing your expenses listed down based on their categories on a daily basis. Furthermore, this feed will also include informativ

    Cash Wallet

    A feature that allows you to add all your cash transactions to SAB 360°. This will help you to track even the non-card transactions. For example, you got a 500 SAR refund from a well-known merchant, and it was by Cash. With the help of this feature, you can add it and track it easily.


    SAB 360° is a service designed to support your financial goals by helping you to manage your money, set budgets, and easily track your spending.

    SAB 360° is free of charge but registration is required.

    SAB 360° is SAB's newest service. By registering you will have access to insights on merchants, offers, and a better way to plan your expenses. The registration process takes 1 minute, all you have to do is accept the T&C's of the service in SAB Online or SABMobile

    Once you are registered to SAB 360°, your historic data will be loaded in the service, and transactions will be categorized. You will be informed once your data is loaded and the SAB 360° is ready to use.

    If you have not accessed SAB 360° service for 180 day’s post registration you will automatically be de-registered. This means you will not be able to access SAB 360°, however, you can easily re-register again at any time.

    An automated budget is a budget that has been set by our system based on your spending history. It  usually covers the last three months for the categories you use regularly, but can differ for categories such as school fees or rent where spending is less frequent.

    A transaction can be managed/edited, but it cannot be removed. You can tag a transaction, change the category that has been assigned, or split transactions into multiple categories.

    Your transactions will automatically be categorized using linkage set by SAB in the back-end depending on the merchants and transaction description.

    Yes, up to 5 year’s worth of past transactions will be automatically categorized for you based on how much data we have.

    No, the categories are preset. however you can add #tags to transactions to create your own personalized sub-categories to help you better track your spending.

    A tag is a tool you can use to track expenses across multiple categories. For example, if you are planning a wedding you can create a wedding #tag to track all transactions/expenses related to that event.

    No, this feature is not available at this time.

    No, this feature is not available at this time.

    Yes, SAB 360° service sits within the bank and the bank has access to these insights.

    SAB 360° service gives you clear insights into exactly where, when, and how much you are spending, it can also assist you in setting budgets to make sure you are on track to reaching your goals.

    SAB 360° will include 5 years of your historic or expense data depending on when you opened an account with SAB.

    All SAB products and accounts are reflected in SAB 360° unless the product is through SAB subsidiaries (ex. Takaful, HSBC SA).

    The cash wallet is a tool within SAB 360° that allows you to input what you spend in cash so that you have a clear picture of your overall transactions.

    SAB 360° service is a feature that exists within SAB Online and SAB Mobile. It does not replace any of your current features and no financial transactions or payments can be initiated from it.

    SAB 360° service is not a replacement for SAB Online or SAB Mobile and no transactions or payments can be initiated or made from this Service.


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