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    Would you like to get a Credit Card that gives you total control over your expenses?

    SAB’s Shariah compliant "My Card" Credit Card enables you to shop at point-of-sale or online without the need to carry cash.

    Features and Benefits

    Sab Visa My Card
    Applying is easy:
    • No employment confirmation letter from employer required
    • Verification of employment period not required
    • Bank account statement is not required
    • No minimum income required
    • The card is issued with a maximum, credit limit of SAR 50
    Sab Visa My Card
    Features and Benefits of SAB Visa "My Card" credit card include:
    • Ability to repay credit card (with maximum monthly limit of up to 100,000) using SAB Online or calling SAB Phone
    • Universal acceptance at point-of-sale (locally and internationally) and online
    • Safe and secure shopping online with SABB’s 3D Secure service
    • A better way to control your expenses
    • SMS alerts after every transaction
    • Credit Card statement received in electronic format only (E-Statements)
    • Telephone and Internet banking services
    Sab Visa My Card
    Manage your spending with SAB Visa "My Card" credit card:

    SAB Visa "My Card" credit card works like any other Credit Card, the only difference is that you can control how much you want to spend on the card by transferring the amount from your personal account to your credit card account.

    Sab Visa My Card
    One-time processing fee              SAR 50         
     Credit Limit      SAR 50
     Lost card replacement      SAR 50

    *Cash withdrawals cannot be done on the "My Card" card. **Customers cannot earn ICSAB+ points on purchases made using the "My Card" card.

    Sab Visa My Card
    Information about the Supplementary Card:

    Apply for a supplementary SAB credit card easily


    At SAB, you and your family are our highest priority. That's why, we would like to offer you the opportunity to share your credit card benefits and features with your loved ones by applying for a free supplementary SAB Credit Card. Easily monitor your monthly expenses by viewing the monthly statement as well as controlling the monthly spending limit of the supplementary credit card(s) by setting a specific limit for each card.


    How to apply for a supplementary SAB Credit Card for a family member:


    Apply for a free supplementary SAB Credit Card for any of your family members over the age of 15.


    All you need is  to download and fill the application form, and submit it to the  nearest SAB branch along with ID copies of the primary cardholder and the supplementary.


    Apply here

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