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    Introducing the new Household Salary Card

    Welcome to the new era of the Household Salary Card. The Household Salary Card is a prepaid product. It allows sponsor to transfer the monthly salary for household (e.g. drivers, housemaids, etc.) who are under an individual sponsorship. The Household salary card product will support the required banking services in an easy and safe way which will protect the sponsor and the worker in their cash transactions and guarantee an easy channel for their payments on all sides.


    Now, opening a Prepaid Household Salary Card account is done with utmost ease through SAB Online by requiring a minimum amount of information where our system will then retrieve additional data automatically from the National Information Centre.


    Your Household Salary Card gives you the flexibility to conveniently withdraw your monthly salary through ATMs and pay for all your shopping at POS with ease through the Mada network.


    *Attendance of the sponsor with the household worker is not required at the branch.
    *The household must visit the nearest branch with the Iqama to activate and print the debit card.

    Features, Services, and Benefits
    • Utility bill payments
    • SMS notification service
    • Payment at local retail outlets
    • Cash withdrawals at any local ATMs

    Wide range of banking services at SAB ATMs including:

    • Cash withdrawals
    • Balance Inquiries
    • Mini-statements for your last 5 transactions
    • PIN reset
    • Direct pay (pre-defined beneficiaries)
    • SADAD bill payments
    • Phone-number update

    Point of sale purchase

    You can use your Household Salary Card to pay for your everyday purchases through Point of Sale terminals at a large number of retail outlets in the Kingdom.


    Cash withdrawal

    You can withdraw cash* from your account by using your Household Salary Card:

    • At all SAB ATMs across the Kingdom.
    • At any local bank ATMs that have the MADA network logo.

    *Daily cash withdrawal limit is SAR 5,000



    Cashback service allows customers to request cash from the merchant when using the Household Salary Card to pay for purchases through point of sale. The cashback amount will be deducted directly from the customer’s bank account along with the purchase amount.

    How to benefit from the service?

    • You can use the service at merchants who provide it, when you do your purchase through Point of Sale.
    • The minimum value for Cashback is 1 SAR and the maximum value is 400 SAR per day.
    • Purchase with Cashback service is available at Merchants that display “Purchase with Cashback” sign/poster.
    • There are no fees for this service.


    Amount (SAR)

    Annual Fee *


    Annual Fee *


    Replacement Fee


    Overseas Payment (Remittance)


    Cash Withdrawal Non SAB ATMs

    4 free Transactions per month. The fifth transaction onwards SAR 2.30** per Transaction

    Point of Sale Transaction


    Mini Statement


    PIN Change from the ATM


    SADAD Bank Fee


    * Paid by sponsor

    ** Charges are inclusive of Value Added Tax at the prevailing rate as determined by the Saudi Government (15% as of July 1st 2020)
    ** The card is free for premier customers and private banking customers


    It is a prepaid MADA card that enables the employer to pay the domestic workers’ wages and incentives electronically via recognize banking channels.

    The domestic labor wages protection system is a system that aims to protect and secure both the employer and domestic worker rights, facilitate payroll management, and limit the breaches occurring in the labor market.

    The payroll card should be issued before updating the contact information.

    The updating of domestic workers’ contracts information must be done via Musaned online portal.

    • Open Musaned online portal.
    • View the listed domestic workers.
    • Select the domestic worker who you wish to update her/his contract information.
    • Update the employer’s address in case required.
    • Fill up the form by specifying the amount of the monthly wage and the domestic worker’s prepaid payroll card details.
    • Accept the terms of the disclaimer to finalize the authorization process.

    Yes, it is possible.

    The employer must specify the exact amount mentioned in the original recruitment contract.,

    The employer can print out the updated contract for own purposes and provide the domestic worker with a copy as well, while the electronic copy is sufficient.

    The contract information updating is mandatory for all domestic workers working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    It is mandatory to update the domestic workers’ contracts information via Musaned online portal and to issue the prepaid payroll cards as well for all domestic workers working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    No, it does not conflict.

    Yes, it is required to wire transfer the whole amount.

    Open Musaned online portal and review the domestic workers listed in the system, then select the one you wish to update her/his contract information to start the process.

    No, it is not mandatory for the employer to confirm the wire transfer of the domestic worker’s monthly wage.

    You can apply for your Household Salary Card at the nearest SAB branch.

      All you need to apply is:

    • A Filled out and signed Household Salary Card Account Opening Form
    • Copy of Labor worker’s ID signed by the ID holder (the employee)
    • Copy of Sponsor’s ID signed by the ID holder (the sponsor)

      The difference is that Household Salary Card has restrictions (which don’t apply to the Current Account) such as:

    • Deposits (Only the sponsor is allowed to deposit money from his account into the Salary Card Account and no way else)
    • No access to other Banking products (Loans, Credit Cards, Current/Savings Accounts etc.)
    • No International use and is not co-branded (only used inside the Kingdom)

    Unfortunately no, in accordance with SAMA’s prepaid card programs; the Household Salary Card does not allow for any type of deposit into the account other than the salary paid out by the sponsor.

    Local transfers are not allowed, only Remittances to pre-defined beneficiaries are allowed for the Household Salary Card.

    No, that is it not possible for anyone other than the sponsor.

    No, as the Household Salary Card is only MADA branded, it can only be used within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

      Just follow the simple steps below:

    • The cashier will insert yourcard into the chip-card reader of the POS terminal.
    • The card must stay inside the POS terminal during the processing of the purchase transaction.
    • Wait until the cashier asks you to enter your PIN.
    • Enter your card PIN and wait for the approval response from the POS terminal.


    Once the transaction is approved, collect your sales receipt along with your card from the cashier.

     *This method is applied only when the POS terminal supports chip-card technology. If the POS terminal does not support this, then the card will have to be swiped using the magnetic stripe and the 6-digit PIN code will have to be entered.

    If your sponsor changes for any reason, you must inform the bank as soon as possible and provide your new sponsor’s information in order to update your account.

    Unfortunately no, in accordance with SAMA’s prepaid card programs; you are not eligible for loans, credit cards, and other SAB products.

    In case you forget your PIN, you need to visit a SAB branch to issue a new PIN.

    You can change your PIN at any time through a SAB ATM.

    If you would like to replace your card due to lost/stolen, you need to contact the SAB Call Center who will block your card immediately. You will then receive your new card in the mail.

    Your daily purchase and cash withdrawal limits are:

    Daily Cash Withdrawals 5,000 SAR

    Daily Purchases 20,000 SAR

    Yes, you can use your Household Salary Card to pay for your everyday purchases at retail outlets all over the Kingdom. Your Household Salary Card is accepted at over 190,000 retail outlets in the Kingdom.

    You can withdraw cash from your bank account by using your Household

      Salary Card at:

    • Any SAB ATM in the Kingdom
    • Over 16,000 ATMs in the Kingdom displaying the MADA logo

    Your Household Salary Card offers you a wide range of free Banking services at SAB ATMs only including:

    • Cash withdrawals
    • Balance enquiries
    • Mini-statements of the last 5 transactions
    • PIN change
    • SADAD payments

    Yes, you have access to branches.

    In the branch you also have access to the following services:

    • Card replacement via the Instant Card Issuance service
    • Cash Withdrawals
    • SADAD Payments
    • Remittance
    • Balance enquiry
    • Mini statement
    • Account statement
    • PIN Reset
    • Card Replacement

    Your Household Salary Card will be sent to you by mail. Or you can receive your card from the branch via Instant Card Issuance.

    The card is activated through the branch after it is issued.

    Yes, whether you have one or more workers, you may issue a card for each household worker you have under your sponsorship

    e-Account opening

    Open your account online Instantly and easily … Save your time and effort and enjoy digital banking.

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