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    Easy to use service provided by SAB through customer service that will help you preform several banking transactions by the phone anytime and anywhere.

    SAB Phone Features and Services

    Getting Started

    How it works*

    When you call for the first time, you'll be asked to enter your 12 digit account number and ATM card PIN# in order to register for SAB Phone and access the IVR menu. As soon as you've register and access the IVR using your security details, you will be able to navigate the IVR menu and select the option that you require or put you through to a member of our Phone banking team who can help you immediately

    Want to use SAB Phone?**

    For Premier customer call us on 8001160099 (within Saudi) +966114408999 (outside Saudi).

    For Advance customer call us on 8001248666 (within Saudi) +966114408666 (outside Saudi).

    For Al Ruwaad or Personal Banking customer call us on 8001248888 (within Saudi) +9668001248888 (outside Saudi).

    Please refer to the Phone Banking Map for further details.

    General Banking Services
    • Current and Savings Account balance enquiries
    • Latest transaction information
    • Request a statement by mail
    • Find out if a cheque has been debited from your account
    • Make a Loan Account enquiry
    • Make Islamic Commodity Investment Account enquiry
    • Change your password
    Credit Card Services

    Manage your credit card with SAB Phone by:

    • Paying SADAD bills via your Credit card.
    • Checking your balance
    • Checking current payments
    • Finding out the last five transactions on your card
    • Finding out the last five authorisations on your card
    • Requesting a statement
    • Changing your password
    Foreign Exchange and Interest Rates
    IPO/RI Services
    • Subscribe in IPOs and Right Issue
    1. You can call us on 8001248888 from inside the Kingdom or +9668001248888 from outside the Kingdom
    2. For English press 2
    3. To register for SAB Phone and create a PIN press 2

    Select a card:

    1. For SAB VISA Debit Card press 1
    2. Enter the 12 digit account number at the bottom of the card followed by the issue number
    3. Enter the Debit card PIN
    4. Enter a new 6 digits PIN number
    5. Re-enter your PIN number for confirmation
    6. Dear customer to complete your SAB Phone log in process we will send a verification code to your mobile
    7. Enter the Authorization code to log on to SAB Phone

    PIN number should be different than the previous PIN and Different from your debit card PIN

    Click here for steps with images

    e-Account opening

    Open your account online Instantly and easily … Save your time and effort and enjoy digital banking.


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