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    Islamic or Conventional Bank Account for your Business


    Welcome to our business account opening process which is now digital. This is a flexible and fast way to open your account with SAB.


    You can start the account opening now and save the progress to continue at your own convenience through the below 7-step process.

    Now your business account can be opened much faster in the online process upon you submitting the completed application along with all required supporting documents.

    • 01

      Choose your Product

      Choose the type of account, currency and other banking services

    • 02

      Entity Information

      Add information about your business

    • 03

      Financial Information

      Add financial information and expected transaction details

    • 04

      Details of Members

      Add details of Partners,Beneficial Owners,Board Members and the Authorized Signatories

    • 05

      FACTA & CRS

      Delaration of the tax residency status for Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA) & Common Reporting Standards (CRS)

    • 06

      Documents Upolading

      Upload documents of your Entity, Members, etc.

    • 07

      Review Application

      Review and submit the application


    After applying, you will be able to track the status of your application, as well as provide any additional documentation and communicate with the bank staff via the Customer Dashboard.


    Additional Products/Services for your Business Account


    Whilst applying for your business account, you will also have the opportunity to choose the banking products and services.


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    Free business account

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    Free first cheque book

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    Free online access to your account

    You can refer to our Terms & Conditions below

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