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    SAB Business Centres provide account opening, cash management, commercial banking services and more to all our SME customers.


    SAB opens 4 new centres for its business banking customers

    SAB has opened four new centres for its business banking customers (Small and Medium Enterprises) in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Khobar. The centres aim to support an important segment of its business customers from various industries in the Kingdom. The centres enable all businesswomen and men to carry out their banking needs very quickly and with little effort and help them meet the needs of their businesses.

    The Business Banking centres provide specialised services for the business

    sector that include:

    Accounts opening

    Cash Management

    Commercial Services

    Bank Guarantees Issuing

    Commercial Bank Remittance

    Commercial Deals Trading




      In addition to the banking services offered to the business sector by branches and digital channels.


      A team of highly qualified Saudi employees with extensive experience in business banking, project management and consultation will cater for the needs of business customers, customers from institutions and the commercial sector.

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