Liquidity Management services

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Manage your cash more efficiently and make it work harder with SAB liquidity management services.

Account Management Service

Cash is your company’s most volatile asset and the first step in managing it efficiently is to set up a banking structure that allows funds to flow where and when you need them. Our end-to-end service will ensure that this is exactly what happens. Choosing SAB Account Management Service means your corporate accounts will be accessible through one single, fast and efficient electronic banking platform. You need only form one business banking relationship, which means fewer costs, as well as streamlined and efficient communication and administration.

Liquidity Management

For Holding companies and companies with multiple subsidiary accounts, SAB has developed a method of optimizing liquidity. Cash concentration allows a company to physically sweep account surpluses domestically into a central parent account. Any account deficits are then funded by the parent account, eliminating subsidiary overdrafts and reducing interest fees.

Cash concentration Benefits include:

  • Managing group liquidity centrally
  • Cutting borrowing costs
  • Making administration easier
  • Balancing concentration means better interest rates
  • Several sweep options for maximum flexibility
  • Subsidiary accounts for maintaining zero or pegged balances
  • Providing a platform for collections and disbursements

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