Markets Products and Services

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SAB Markets offer a wide variety of solutions designed to meet customers’ needs, including Foreign Exchange, Deposits and Loans, Fixed Income, Derivatives and many more.

Foreign Exchange

SAB Markets provide a wide range of Foreign Exchange services to corporate and institutional customers in spot, forward, and currency options (both Vanilla and Exotic). Using our knowledge and expertise in the foreign markets we work on helping you find the most suitable solution to hedge currency exposure ranging from emerging market currencies to G7 currencies.

Derivative Solutions

Our customers can take advantage of SAB Markets’ extensive knowledge in local and international markets to gain access to Risk Management solutions for both assets and liabilities. These solutions can assist our customers in managing underlying debt facilities to complex Interest Rate structures.

Deposits and Loans

SAB Markets provide rates for Deposits and Loans in Saudi Riyal and foreign currencies.


SAB Markets offer Bonds and Sukuk from both local and international markets at competitive pricing giving our customers a wide range of short terms and long term investment possibilities.

Structured Products

SAB Markets’ structuring capabilities enable us to offer our customers innovative and cost-efficient solutions through a combination of various derivatives that best fit the customer’s requirements in order to protect their capital or improve their yields.

Islamic Solutions

SAB Markets offer a wide range of Islamic treasury products and solutions including Profit Rate hedging, Islamic Foreign Exchange forwards, and Islamic currency options.

Economic Research and Market Analysis

SAB Markets provides market updates as well as HSBC’s timely in-depth economic market analysis and research reports. Our daily, weekly, and monthly reports cover various currencies including G7 and emerging markets, the oil industry, and major market events.

Islamic Solutions

We offer a wide range of Islamic Treasury products and solutions including profit margin hedging, Islamic Foreign Exchange Forwards, and Islamic Currency Options.


A free electronic platform that provides our customers with an alternative solution to contact Treasury directly to cover all their FX needs online. The system enables customers to view real time quotes and execute them instantly with SAB Markets.

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