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  • SAB provides Export Services such as Documentary Collections and Credits, DC advising, DC confirmation, DC transfers and safe custody. Whether you are a new or long-established exporter, SAB Trade and Supply Chain can help to reduce your risks, allowing you to focus on growing your export business. Simply request your buyers to advise documentary credits through SAB to benefit immediately from our international network. What's more, if your customer is the beneficiary of a documentary credit issued by an HSBC Group office, they are entitled to the same level of service excellence as any of our regular customers.

    For each Export trade solution, SAB offers Islamic alternative for its esteemed Islamic customers.

    DC Advising

    DC Advising helps streamline export procedures when Documentary Credits are issued by your buyers favoring yourself. SAB's association with HSBC and global connectivity with banks in many countries enable your buyers to advise credits issued by banks worldwide through SAB. Our services allow Customers to start arranging shipment quickly and avail of other value added services including confirmation to mitigate bank/ country risk.

    DC Safe Custody

    DC Safe Custody provide you the service of storing original Documentary Credits (DCs) free of charge. DCs can be stored at any of SAB's Trade and Supply Chain offices minimising the risk of losing an original DC in transit, Whenever a DC is needed, simply submit your export documents and we’ll do the rest.

    DC Confirmation

    SAB provides DC Confirmation facility for the widest ranges of DC issuing banks. It provides double protection for Documentary Credit (DC) payments as well as Reduces their exposure to risk.

    Assures payment by SAB against compliant documents even if the DC issuing bank is unable to pay.

    • Often used for business transactions with buyers in developing countries.
    • Eliminates the contingent liability in their books as they can receive payment from SAB without recourse to them once they present compliant documents under the DC.

    Transferred DC

    As trading companies, Customers can transfer DCs to multiple suppliers without the need for credit facilities to ensure that the underlying goods are supplied in accordance with the terms and conditions of the original DC. Transferred DC’s reduce the risk of non-payment by having a bank payment obligation transferred to you. Transferred DC’s enable the recipient to secure financing in some countries where a Documentary Credit (DC) is required.

    * All Documentary Credits are subject to Uniform Customs and Practice, International Chamber of Commerce no 600 (UCP 600) publication dated 01 July 2007.

    Export  Collections

    Documentary Collections protect your interests by handling your document and payment collections for you. It is a more secure and cost effective way to trade if your buyer does not issue Documentary Credits (DCs).

    There are two payment types under documentary credit:

    • Documentary Collection against payment (D/P) Documents released against payment
    • Documentary Collection against acceptance (D/A) Documents released against acceptance, with commitment to pay at a future date.

    Export Financing

    SAB offers a comprehensive range of trade solutions to facilitate the needs of businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Both under conventional and Islamic principles. Our export solutions suite includes Pre-shipment Finance, Post-shipment Finance and Export Discounting.

    How to reach us

    Working hours: From 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Weekdays

    Working hours: From 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Weekdays


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