Islamic Financial Solutions

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Finance products

With SAB innovative Islamic financial solutions you will enjoy financing that is designed to your needs. SAB offers a wide range of financial solutions approved by our Shari’ah Committee to facilitate the needs of your business.

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Murabaha Investment in Commodities (AIC):

Murabaha Investment in Commodities is the alternative solution to conventional Time Deposits. It is an investment tool for Clients wishing to get rewarding returns with low risk for short and medium investment periods.

Main Features:

  • A product approved by SAB Shariah Committee
  • Fixed and guaranteed returns
  • Investment term might vary from 1 week (minimum) to 12 months (maximum)
  • Ability to reinvest without signing additional documents, through automatic reinvestment instructions
  • Simple documentation and quick turnaround time
  • The account can be opened through Business HSBCnet