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Information regarding the displayed current accounts

Premier Account

Brief highlights

International Recognition

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Best Preferential Rates

  • With your Premier status you can receive global recognition from HSBC Premier.
  • You can share your Premier feature and benefits with spouse and children
  • Receive priority service in Premier Centers & special lounges in Saudi Arabia.
  • Enjoy a single global view of all your SAB and HSBC accounts, with free instant global transfers from your SAB to your HSBC Premier accounts in up 32 different countries, at preferential exchange rates.
International Services
  • Emergency cash and help anywhere in the world
  • Global Safety Net which includes protection and assistance if you are living or travelling overseas
  • Multi-trip travel insurance cover
  • Global views of all your accounts
  • More than 350 international Premier Centers in 45 countries/territories to help you and provide local expertise

As a Premier customer, you'll enjoy a wide range of premium banking services and privileges, both within the Kingdom and around the world. A dedicated Relationship Manager will help you manage your wealth and plan for a secure financial future.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements
  • Monthly Salary with a minimum of SAR 40,000 or
  • Initial balance of SAR1,000,000 in SAB or
  • An ongoing 3 months average balance of SAR 500,000 with SAB or SAR 350,000 with SAB and SAR 150,000 with SAB invest or 
  • Or a new home finance loan of SAR 4,000,000
  • Or existing eligible HSBC Premier relationship, in any of the HSBC markets offering the HSBC Premier proposition.
  • Family extension services are offered to Premier Balance only

Advance Account

Brief highlights

Priority for services within the Branch

Competitive Rates


Advance account administers high-quality solutions for all your banking needs by providing Shariah-compliant global accounts with access to a wide range of Islamic Financial products.

  • Preferred Banking

Access to a range of services and solutions for all your banking needs to support you to achieve your financial goals.

  • Digital Banking Services

The most advanced services to make your banking experience easier and more secure from anytime and anywhere.

  • International Banking Services

Access to a range of international banking services partnering with HSBC to support you to relocate and travel.

International Services

International Emergency support in the event of the loss or theft of your cash or credit card while abroad.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements
  • Monthly income 20,000 or above
  • Initial deposit of 350,000 SAR
  • Or average three Months 100,000 SAR within SAB
  • Or new home finance loan of SAR 800,000

General banking account

Brief highlights

Day-to-day banking with lots of extras

Benefit from ICSAB+ Rewards Programme

  • Get a free SAB Titanium MasterCard Credit Card with no annual fees for the first year and access to SAB's leading ICSAB+ loyalty program.
  • Free account statement. Access to Wealth Management services in conjunction with our partner, SAB Invest.
  • 24 hours access to SAB Mobile, SAB Phone (Customer Service Centre) and SAB Online (Internet Banking).
  • Free cheque book.

General Banking account offers comprehensive banking and personal finance services for government and private sector employees.