SAB Emirates Signature Credit Card




SAB Umlaty Card

You can apply for a Credit Card without opening a bank account with SAB. A quick and user-friendly digital journey enables you to get your preferred SAB Credit Card at any time and place that are most convenient for you, without uploading any documentation.

All you need is a mobile phone with internet connection and 4 spare minutes, which is the time it takes to finalize the application and add the SAB Credit Card to your digital wallet. 

The application only takes about 4 to 6 minutes
No documentation is needed for the application

In 8 easy steps you get your new SAB Credit Card

No bank account is needed for your new SAB Credit Card


How to apply for a SAB Credit Card

1: Click here

2: Fill in the required information and choose your new SAB Credit Card

3: Submit your digital application

4: Sign the e-contract digitally

5: Download the SAB Mobile app and activate your new SAB Credit Card

6: Add your new Credit Card to the digital wallet


Eligibility Criteria for New To Bank Customer:  

  • Customer should be registered on GOSI
  • The Customer should not have any relationship with SAB
  • Mobile Number should be registered under same customer National ID \ Iqama ID
  • Customer should complete at least 3 months in current job
  • Customer should have NAFATH application