Business Credit Card

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SAB Business Card offer businesses tailored financial solutions and full set of services and features to help in managing their expenses efficiently. With SAB Business Card companies can control their employees' travel, entertainment expenses and overall company payment needs effectively.

You have the choice to issue SAB Business card as a charge card with 100% Monthly Payment or a credit card with the flexibility of 5% monthly payment.

Conditions before Accessing Airport Lounges:

Number of available lounges and entitlement will vary depending on card type such as Debit, Credit, Prepaid, Business or card tier such as Titanium, Platinum, World, World Elite Mastercard. Lounges may change and the latest list is kept updated on the app.

*Complimentary access entitlement and fees for you or your guest will vary according to card tier. If applicable, fees will be charged immediately to the Mastercard card on the app.

**Lounge access can be validated with the QR code or membership number (available online and offline) on your app. Each cardholder, primary and supplementary, should show their individual QR code (by registering their cards separately using individual email IDs).

Lounge access is powered by Dragon Pass.

Free Airport lounge access:

  • Unlimited complimentary access for the Cardholder to over 25 lounges with “Mastercard Travel Pass”.
  • Access to business facilities like email, internet, phones, and conference space in some lounges
  • Complimentary refreshments and snacks

You can simply follow below steps:

  1. Download the “Mastercard Travel Pass” app from Google Play or the App Store

    Terms & conditions apply

  2. Select Sign Up
  3. Register your SAB Bank Mastercard Credit Card and Verify full card details
  4. Enter your name per passport andemail address
  5. Set password
  6. Then you will be able to view the lounges near you and clearly view if you are eligible for complimentary access.
  7. Generate and present the app QR code or membership number to the lounge receptionist to access the lounge.

*Kindly note that each issued card need to register on Travel Pass Application to enjoy the service as well.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts:

Unlock savings with your SAB Business Mastercard with offers and benefits at more than 330 partners around the world and special local partners in KSA.

For more information:

Corporate Liability insurance:

Protects the company against unauthorized use of card by its employees, up to a maximum annual amount of SAR 92,500 per card issued / per occurrence.

Terms and Conditions apply

“this Service can be availed only on transaction on SAB business cards”

3D Secure:

You can now avail of SAB new Secure Online Payment Service for performing online transactions*. SAB 'MasterCard® SecureCodeTM for your SAB MasterCard credit cards. It provides you with the extra security and peace of mind when you shop online with your SAB credit card**.

Learn more

Flexibility at your fingertips

SAB Business Card is the most convenient way to pay and control your everyday business expenses.:

  • SAB MasterCard® Business Card is accepted at over 20 million establishments in the Kingdom and worldwide
  • Use it to pay for anything from travel, hotels and dining to office supplies, equipment and everyday expenses
  • Keep your business and personal expense separate
  • Set a credit limit for each card issued
  • Reduces the number of cheques you need to write

Smart Data OnLine (SDOL)

Smart Data OnLine (SDOL) is MasterCard’s internet-based management information solution used by thousands of companies around the world. Based on a design that allows for individual configuration, SDOL can be easily adapted to suit the needs of your company. SDOL offers so much more than just the above mentioned features and benefits. To avail this service, please contact your SAB relationship officer.

Features and Benefits of SAB Business Card:

Features and Benefits for Business and Employees
 Business Benefits and Features  Employee Benefits and Features
  • Special Offers and Discounts
  • Can be used instead of petty cash for everyday business expenses
  • Payment as low as 5% of monthly statement
  • Manage business trip expenses through secure payment method
  • Free Lounges Access
  • Each member company is restricted to its own financial transactions

SAB Business Card Fees and Charges:

Your business today can apply for either a Charge SAB Business Card or SAB Business Credit Card

1-SAB Business Credit Card with 5% Monthly Payment:

Fees and Charges
 Annual Fees SAR 200 (free for the 1st year)
 Annual Percentage Rate 36%
Monthly Percentage Rate  3%
International Transactions Fees  2.75%
 Replacement fee for lost or stolen SAR 75
 Cash Withdraw  SAR 75
 Late Payment Fees SAR 100
 Copy of Statement for more than 3 months  SAR 25
 Sending the card overseas fee  SAR 100
 Dispute Fee  SAR 25

Prices are exclusive of VAT


2-SAB Charge Business Card with 100% Monthly Payment:

Fees and Charges
 Annual Fees SAR 200 (free for the 1st year)
International Transactions Fees 2.75%
Replacement fee for lost or stolen SAR 75
Cash Withdraw SAR 75
Late Payment Fees SAR 100
Copy of Statement for more than 3 months SAR 25
Sending the card overseas fee  SAR 100
Dispute Fee  SAR 25

Prices are exclusive of VAT

Illustrative example for computation of Tawarruq Profit (TP):

You purchased an airline ticket for SAR 2,000 on 20 March. Your statement generation date is 31 March and your payment due date is 25 April, on which date you made the minimum 5% payment (or SAR 100).

The following Tawarruq profit will appear on your next statement:

Outstanding amount due on the statement of 31 March * SAR 2,000 
 Payment Made on the due date of 25 April  SAR 100
 Balance Carried forward (revolved) – (A)  SAR 1,900
 Tawarruq Profit (TP) Calculation (3% pm – APR 36%)**
Tawarruq transaction of SAR 1900 for thirty days (B)  SAR 57
 Total amount outstanding as of 30 April*** (A)+(B)  SAR 1,957

*Assuming no amount outstanding has been carried forward from previous months.

**For illustrative purposes only. For product-specific APRs (Annual Percentage Rate), please refer to the Bank tariff.

***Assuming no other transaction has been performed during April.


*Policy terms and conditions apply

Only available to residents of Saudi Arabia

** To help us continually improve our service and in the interest of security, we may monitor and/or record your telephone call with us.