Virtual Debit Card

Now you don’t need to wait for the plastic card Issuance to start banking. You can start banking immediately with the Virtual mada card.

You can Issue a new SAB mada card in a virtual form through SAB Online and SAB Mobile and also through Online Account Opening Service instantly.

If You Are a New Customer,

Then Simply open an account online and you will get a virtual mada card Issued Instantly then activate it through logging into SAB Online or SAB Mobile or even through SAB Phone.

If You Are Already a SAB Customer:

  1. Simply log into SAB Online or SAB Mobile
  2. Issue your virtual card and Activate it
  3. View the virtual card Information
  4. Enjoy online shopping as well as secure mada Pay and Apple Pay point of sale purchases

Steps to Issue a Virtual Card via SAB Online:

  1. Log in then Select Issue Virtual or mada card
  2. Select Account
  3. Verify and Confirm
  4. Set a PIN to activate your virtual card
  5. Click on “View Virtual mada card” to view your card information
  6. Select the card you want to view
  7. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile to view all card details

Steps to Issue a Virtual Card via SAB Mobile:

  1. Log in then Select Issue Card.
  2. Select Account then choose card type.
  3. Review the details of the account and card type selected.
  4. Enter the OTP code sent to your mobile
  5. The virtual Card is issued and you may view the card details by selecting “View my Virtual Card”
  6. Activate Virtual Card through selecting Card Services.
  7. Select the card then set a pin to activate your virtual card.