SAB Store

We are pleased to announce that SAB Store is now available for all of our customers on SAB digital channels.

What is SAB Store

SAB Store is a new feature that allows customers to buy vouchers, gift cards, subscriptions and many more digital products all from the comfort of SAB channels.

You can now shop for your favorite merchants like, Amazon, ITunes & PlayStation, using your current account or your credit card from the safety of our banking channels without having to enter or share any personal details.

Buying online cards, pre-paid bills, games & subscriptions has now become much easier and safer. Explore and browse the finest digital products from all the top brands with just a few clicks.


Where canI find SAB Store

SAB Store is now available on our digital channels; SAB Online and SAB Mobile. To experience SAB Store, please follow the below steps:

  • Log into SAB Online or SAB Mobile
  • Click on SAB Store
  • Browse through the catalogue
  • Search for the products you like
  • Pay with your debit or credit card
  • Redeem your code and enjoy

Features of SAB Store: