Update your Information Online

What is Online KYC?

An online service to enable SAB customers to update the periodic Know Your Customer (KYC) Information online through secure and verified access to SAB Digital channel (SAB Online) without the need to visit a branch by utilizing government trusted sources to retrieve customers’ Information.

We have upgraded our system to automatically detect the need to update your Information once you login to SAB Online and then all you have to do is click on Update and the system will instantly and securely connect with the trusted authorities to retrieve your personal and address information. In addition, you will need to update additional fields conveniently.

Update Know Your Customer (KYC) Online Steps on SAB Online:

  1. Log in to SAB Online.
  2. If you are due for KYC Update, then you will be alerted a message and a link to update.
  3. Click on Update.
  4. Personal and Address Information are retrieved from trusted government sources.
  5. You will fill the remaining mandatory fields.
  6. Verify all entered details then confirm.
  7. Your personal information is updated successfully.
Update your KYC Online now