SAB 360°

We are happy to announce SAB 360°service in our digital channels.

SAB 360° service will provide an easy understanding of finances complexity and give a firm grasp of income and expenses, as well as checking cash flow. It includes a variety of features and functions to which customers can easily manage their own finances.


SAB 360° List of Services

1-Compare your spends

It's a feature where you can compare between different groups/categories expenses in a specific period of time. For example, you can compare between your expenses in restaurants, in two different days, months, weeks or years.

2-Spend Categories

It’s a feature where you can view your expenses in a specific group, category and merchant. Therefore, you will be able track your expenses easily and choose the desired period of time to review. For example, you can view your expenses in a famous restaurant throughout the year.


It's a feature where you can create a tag and link transactions to it. For example, you are traveling to Alula and you want to allocate all your expenses while you are Alula in one place. By creating a tag and naming it for an instant, #Alula_trip. You can link transactions to it for ease of reference, illustration and tracking.


It's a feature where you can create a budget for each group/category. The budget can be also automated from the system based on your transactions history. For example, you can set a budget for the Cafes category. Therefore, you will be able to track it, view it and get notified about it.

5-Activity Feed

A feature that will be showing your expenses listed down based on their categories on a daily basis. Furthermore, this feed will also include informative monthly/weekly expenses reports.

6-Cash Wallet

A feature that allows you to add all your cash transactions to SAB 360°. This will help you to track even the non-card transactions. For example, you got a 500 SAR refund from a well-known merchant, and it was by Cash. With the help of this feature, you can add it and track it easily.