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    Fees & Services


    We care about the Planet!

    Keep it green with a SAB Premier credit card E-statement

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    Supplementary Card

    You can share the incredible SAB Credit Card journey with your loved ones!


    Free supplementary cards are available for your family members. In addition, you can set the credit limit for each card


    A lot More !

    • International Acceptance: The card is recognized locally as well as internationally at more than 29 million outlets world-wide
    • Convenient 24-hour toll-free number within the Kingdom and abroad
    • Up to 30% of your credit limit can be withdrawn as a cash advance from 900,000 ATMs and financial institutions within the Kingdom and around the world
    • SMS alert Service
    • Internet and Phone banking


    All you need is to download and fill the application form, and submit it to the nearest SAB branch along with ID copies of the primary cardholder and the supplementary.


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    Fee & Services
    SAB Cashback Credit Card Fees
     Issuance fee  Free
     Annual Fee  Free
     Supplementary Card Fees  Free
     Replacement fee  115 SAR
    Late Payment fees  115 SAR
    International Transaction Fee   3.10%
    Cash Advance Fee    86.25 SAR
    Dispute Fee 57.50 SAR
    Sending the Card Overseas Fee    115 SAR
     Annual Percentage Rate 46.78%
    Monthly Percentage Rate  3.25%

    *Charges are Inclusive of Value added Tax at the prevailing rate as deterimned by the Saudi Gogerment (15%)


    **Annual Percentage rate has been calculated based on credit limit utilized of SAR 10,000

    Utility Bill Payments

    Your bill payment is at your fingertips!

    Pay your utility bills conveniently using your SAB Credit Card.

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    Extended Warranty

    Extended Warranty adds value to the SAB VISA Cashback Credit Card offering - it doubles the repair period offered by the original manufacturer ’s warranty for up to 1 year, protecting Cardholders against the cost of repair and replacement of an item.


    For more information, visit https://Cardholderbe nefitsonline.com/


    In case a refund occurs for a previous transaction, the cashback will be deducted.

    Yes, cashback is calculated on eligible online purchases, and the cashback is determined by merchant category.

    Following transactions are not eligible for cashback:

    • Balance transfer between e-wallets or any other financial transactions
    • Cash withdrawal
    • All fees charged by the Bank
    • Transactions reversed by the merchant
    • SADAD bill payments

    The Cashback will be credited end of each statement cycle

    Cashback is calculated on the total primary and supplementary card with the capped amount applied

    The Cashback will be credited end of each statement cycle

    SAB’s Cashback Visa Card provides a range of exclusive offers at your favorite stores in the Kingdom.


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