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    Travel Benefits

    Free Airport lounge access

    Relax at over 1,200 lounges with Mastercard Travel Pass app.

    You can simply follow below steps:

    1. Download the “Mastercard Travel Pass” app from Google Play or the App Store.
    2. Select Sign Up
    3. Register your SAB Bank Mastercard Credit Card and Verify full card details
    4. Enter your name per passport and email address
    5. Set password
    6. Then you will be able to view the lounges near you and clearly view if you are eligible for complimentary access.
    7. Generate and present the app QR code or membership number to the lounge receptionist to access the lounge.

    *Kindly note that supplementary Card holders need to register on Travel Pass Application to enjoy the service as well.




    For more information:click here
    Terms & conditions apply.

    Conditions before Accessing Airport Lounges

    Number of available lounges and entitlement will vary depending on card type such as Debit, Credit, Prepaid, Business or card tier such as Titanium, Platinum, World, World Elite Mastercard. Lounges may change and the latest list is kept updated on the app.

    *Complimentary access entitlement and fees for you or your guest will vary according to card tier. If applicable, fees will be charged immediately to the Mastercard card on the app.

    **Lounge access can be validated with the QR code or membership number (available online and offline) on your app. Each cardholder, primary and supplementary, should show their individual QR code (by registering their cards separately using individual email IDs).

    Lounge access is powered by Dragon Pass.

    Medical Tourism Concierge

    Travel the world and keep protected!

    • Telephone medical advice,
    • Medical service provider referral
    • Essential medicine and equipment delivery,
    • Dispatch of physician to Cardholder location
    • Medical evaluation and repatriation
    • Legal referral
    • Interpreter referral

    Interpreter referral For more information, call +971 (4) 253 6024

    New to SAB

    Apply online for sole or joint accounts


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