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    Fees & Services

    ICSAB+ Programme

    Earn reward points while spending!

    Welcome to SAB’s loyalty program "ICSAB+

    Enjoy rewards like never before and maximize your point earning!

    You can earn ICSAB+ points based on your accounts balances, loans products, digital activities, and SAB Debit and Credit cards.

    Redeem your ICSAB+ points ! You can redeem points via cashback, Travel booking, e-vouchers with more than 90 merchants locally and internationally. All of that and more through ICSAB+ digital Portal, which is

    designed to make your banking experience easy and enjoyable


    With annual percentage rate of 18% you are able to convert eligible transactions to installments by SAB AQSAT Program by selecting the most convenient repayment duration that suites your budget.

    For more details, click here

    Supplementary Card

    You can share the incredible SAB Credit Card journey with your loved ones!

    Free supplementary cards are available for your family members. In addition, you can set the credit limit for each card

    A lot More !

    • International Acceptance: The card is recognized locally as well as internationally at more than 29 million outlets world-wide
    • Convenient 24-hour toll-free number within the Kingdom and abroad
    • Up to 30% of your credit limit can be withdrawn as a cash advance from 900,000 ATMs and financial institutions within the Kingdom and around the world
    • SMS alert Service
    • Internet and Phone banking

    All you need is to download and fill the application form, and submit it to the nearest SAB branch along with ID copies of the primary cardholder and the supplementary.

    Apply here


    We care about the Planet!

    Keep it green with a SAB Premier credit card E-statement

    For more details, click here

    Your bill payment is at your fingertips!

    Pay your utility bills conveniently using your SAB Credit Card.

    For more details, click here

    To remain updated with Credit Card charges, please click here

    New to SAB

    Apply online for sole or joint accounts


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