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    Fast and Pre-Approved Cash

    Rent due coming soon? Or School fees for your kids? Or Need urgent Cash for an emergency?


    Benefit from the Cash on Call feature on your Credit Card. Get up to 30% of your Credit limit in Cash and repay it back over monthly installments up to 24 months and at very low monthly profit rate


    Easy and convenient booking process with no documentation needed


    Available in 3 ,6, 12 or 24 monthly repayment options


    Up to 30% of your Credit limit

    Attractive profit rate at 1.10% per month

    One-time processing fee only

    Funds will be transferred to your SAB Account or any other account under your name within KSA

    Minimum transaction amount is SAR 1,000

    To Apply

    • 01

      Contact SAB Phone through 8001245557

    • 02

      Once you apply, we’ll get in touch with you within 1 working day after which it will take 2 working days for your request to be processed

    • 03

      Once the request is processed, the amount will be added to you SAB Account or any other account under your name within KSA and you can pay it back in easy instalments.


    SAB Cash on Call (COC) is a credit card feature that offers the convenience of availing instant cash within your credit limit and transfer the funds to any account (SAB or other bank) under your name in KSA.


    You can apply for Cash on Call through one of SAB channels/ways:

    1. At the time of applying for a SAB Credit Card.
    2. Contacting SAB though Campaign line 8001245557 and requesting for a Cash on Call facility.
    3. Through Digital Channels (this feature will be available soon)

    There is no maximum number of transactions as long as it is within 30% of your Credit Card limit or up to your available Cash limit. The minimum transaction amount is SAR 1,000.


    Yes, you can avail Cash on Call on all SAB Credit Cards except Visa low limit Cards and SAB Business Credit Card.


    Cash on Call is a facility provided at the sole discretion of the bank. The bank may approve or reject the request as mentioned in the detailed Cash on Call terms and conditions available on the website.


    2 working days, excluding weekends.


    If 2 consecutive payments are missed, then Cash on Call transaction will be cancelled. Any outstanding will be treated as a Cash transaction which is subject to daily profit rate.


    No, you won’t earn ICSAB+ points or Miles on Cash on Call transactions.



    Requested amount is SAR 10,000 and 1% processing fees and 1% monthly profit rate.

    Tenor 3 months Processing fees= 1% *10,000= SAR 100 (Billed in full in the next statement).

    Profit Rate= 10,000* 1%= SAR 100, Total Profit paid for 3 months= SAR 100*3= SAR 300. Installment= 10,000/3=3,333+ monthly Profit SAR 100, Customer has to pay SAR 3,433 every month



    You can pay off the outstanding of Cash on Call like any other transaction, however you MUST contact the SAB Campaign line: 8001245557 to cancel Cash on Call transaction, otherwise the Cash on Call will remain active and the payment made to your card will be parked as extra balance that will offset any future retail transaction. An early settlement shall apply to the remaining outstanding and any future profit will be waived.

    Cash on Call Terms and Conditions:

    The following terms shall have the following meanings:

    • Cash on Call (COC): a credit card feature that offers the convenience of availing instant cash within Cardholder’s and transfer the funds to any account (SAB or other bank) under Cardholder’s name in KSA.
    • Cash limit: means the cash available for the Cardholder to use from the credit limit
    • Tenure: Is the number of month(s) requested by the Cardholder to repay the full Cash on Call (3, 6, 9, 12,18 or 24 months).
    • Equal monthly instalment: the total availed Cash on Call, added to the profit calculated and divided by the tenure (months) that is payable and due by the customer.
    • Cardholder Agreement: means the Terms and Conditions governing the Card Account which are available on www.SAB.com
    1. Participation in COC will, at all times, is subject to and governed by these terms and conditions (“COC Terms”), the Bank’s Credit Card Terms and Conditions and Banking Services General Terms and Conditions (together the “Terms and Conditions” and any other rules, procedures or instructions which the Bank may issue from time to time)
    2. The Cardholder can avail a ‘Cash on Call’ transaction either by completing the Cash on Call application form or through SAB Campaign line: 8001245557 or SAB Digital Channels.
    3. Cash on Call is a facility available to eligible Cardholders whereby he/she can transfer an amount of SAR 1,000 up to the available Cash limit or 30% of Credit Card limit to any account under the name of the Cardholder in KSA.
    4. The amount of Cash on Call transaction along with the processing fees shall be reduced from total available Cash credit card limit.
    5. The Cardholder may agree to pay the Bank according to the selected tenure from 3 or up to 24 months (or such other period as may be agreed by the Bank) equal monthly instalments, such instalments will be part of the Cardholder’s monthly “Minimum Payment Due” amount.
    6. The Bank will communicate the applicable profit rate (which will be on a flat rate basis), processing fee and the tenure of the Cash on Call facility to the Cardholder before proceeding with the Cash on Call transaction.
    7. The ‘Profit Rate’ charged on Cash on Call amount is a flat rate based on the Sharia’a principles of Tawarruq and is levied for the tenor option chosen by the Cardholder as per Cardholder’s instructions whether these instructions given via recorded call or physical request form.
    8. Processing of Cash on Call transaction can take up to 2 working days from the date of request for an existing Cardholder or from the date the card is approved for new Cardholders. In the case of new Cardholders, the Bank may process the Cash on Call transaction upon approval of the Credit Card (i.e. prior to delivery and/or activation) and the Cardholder shall still be liable to pay the monthly instalments due to the Bank in respect of the Cash on Call transaction regardless of whether the delivery of the card is delayed, the card is lost or any other external factor.
    9. Payments made by the customer shall settle first the minimum due in the below order then any excess payment shall cover the statement balance followed by any purchases made post statement issuance. The Bank will apply Card Member payment to categories of balance in the following order: 1. Profit 2. Fee and Charges. 3. Cash Transactions. 4. Retail Purchases. 5.Instalments. In case Payment made is greater than the total amount due, the amount of excess payment will be applied to: • Current month cash advance & purchases • Current month service charges
    10. If the Cash on Call amount (requested by the Cardholder in the application form, or on a recorded call) exceeds the eligibility criteria applicable on the date of acceptance by the Bank, the Bank will automatically transfer the eligible amount without taking a second approval or consent from the customer. The eligible amount might be lower than the initial requested amount by the Cardholder).
    11. If any Cash on Call amounts remain outstanding upon expiry of the agreed tenure, such amounts shall be subject to the prevailing profit rates applicable to the card.
    12. In the event of pre-closure of the existing Cash on Call as requested by the Cardholder, the bank shall apply an early settlement fee to the outstanding Cash on Call and shall be debited from the credit card limit.
    13. In case of the early settlement of Cash on Call, the remaining profit shall be waived and only early settlement fee shall apply on the remaining of the outstanding principle amount.
    14. Approval of Cash on Call application and amount is at the sole discretion of the Bank.
    15. A Cash on Call transaction will not earn any ICSAB+ points or miles.
    16. It is the Cardholder’s responsibility to provide correct and valid information to the Bank in order to ensure the Cash on Call request is booked appropriately.
    17. The Cash on Call facility is offered exclusively to Primary Cardholders who meet the criteria determined by the Bank from time to time for this product and to whom the offer to participate in such product has been communicated by the Bank.
    18. The Bank may at any time and without any prior notice or liability to the Cardholder, modify or terminate the Cash on Call Terms and Conditions. However, any such modifications or terminations shall come into effect 30 days from the date of introduction providing the Cardholder with ample time to agree to such changes.
    19. If the Cardholder fails to make payment in full of two consecutive Cash on Call monthly instalments, the entire outstanding balance of the total Cash on Call amount shall immediately become due and payable by the Cardholder, and the Bank shall have the right to demand and recover the immediate payment thereof. The Bank will not be responsible or liable for any actions, claims, damages, costs, charges and expenses which a Cardholder may suffer, sustain or incur by way of the Program operates.
    20. The Terms and Conditions of the Cardholder Agreement shall also apply to this Offer.

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