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    Open your account online Instantly and easily … Save your time and effort and enjoy digital banking.

    Now you may open your current account instantly from anywhere through SAB website without the need to visit the branch. Your debit card can be printed through self-service kiosks 24/7 or have it delivered to your registered address.

    All you need to open an online e-Account is:


    • 01

      Internet Connection

    • 02

      Active “Absher” account. If you don’t have an Absher account, you can create an account through Absher Portal.

    • 03

      Valid National ID/Iqama

    • 04

      Valid National Address. If you don’t have a valid National Address, you can create one through Saudi Post.

    • 05

      Age above 18 years’ old

    • 06

      Being inside the Kingdom

    Advantages of Opening an Online e-Account:
    • You may open your current account online anytime 24/7 and from anywhere without the need to visit the branch.
    • Authentication of the customer ID is digital through “IAM” platform, which can be accessed automatically through SAB website.
    • Your personal information will be retrieved automatically from “IAM” platform.
    • Print your debit card instantly yourself through our self-service kiosks.
    • Register instantly for SAB Net and SAB Mobile to benefit from all e-banking services.
    • Once the account opening is successfully complete, you can benefit from all SAB Accounts’ services except for the services and products that require physical signature such as check book.
    • Once you open an account Online you will get a new virtual mada card Issued instantly.
    • You can activate your virtual mada card through logging into SAB Net, SAB Mobile or IVR.
    • Secure Account as customers can only open an account online with their own mobile numbers registered under their IDs at the Communication and Information Technology Commission
    • You can get a Waafer saving account once you open the account online.
    Steps to Open an Online e-Account:
    1. Click on “Open Online Account” icon at the bottom of the page.
    2. Enter your National ID/Iqama ID and Accept Terms and Conditions.
    3. Enter Mobile Number “Our system will check if the entered mobile number is registered under the customer ID in the Communication and Information Technology Commission or not”
    4. If the Customer mobile number is a match then the customer will be able to open the account online and if the mobile number is not registered under the entered ID Number then an error message will display to enter your own mobile number.
    5. Customer will Enter Captcha
    6. After Entering Captcha, a pop up screen will display with a 2 number digit and a statement “Please open Nafath application to approve the request”.
    7. Customer to open Nafath Application and approve the account opening request and select the same 2 number digits displayed on online account opening
    8. Verify Biometric feature (face ID) and if the face ID Failed then verify finger prints
    9. Enter OTP received on your registered Mobile Number in Absher then click continue.
    10. Upon successful authentication, open the online account opening page and click continue
    11. Your personal Information will be automatically retrieved from Absher
    12. Verify your personal Information, update if required and fill the remaining fields.
    13. Your National Address Information will be automatically retrieved from Saudi Post, verify and update if required.
    14. Enter Employment details.
    15. Select the Preferred Option to receive your debit card:
      • Print your debit card instantly through our self-service kiosks
      • Visit the nearest branch
      • Through Mail (requires 3 business days)
    16. Fill all mandatory fields
    17. You will receive an OTP on your registered Mobile No.
    18. Your current account has been created successfully.
    19. You will receive a welcoming SMS message with all your new account Information.

    You can print your debit card instantly through our self-service kiosks

    e-Account opening

    Open your account online Instantly and easily … Save your time, effort, and enjoy digital banking.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Online Account Opening is an automated service without any human interventions that will allow customers who do not have current accounts with SAB to open a current account instantly from the comfort of their Home, Office or anywhere as long as they have

    • Internet connection.
    • Active Absher Account.
    • National Address.

    The e-Account customers shall be able to benefit from their accounts and all services the minute it is successfully opened, except the services/products that require a wet-signature, such as Cheque Books.

    If an eAccount customer would like to benefit from the services/products that require a wet signature, he/she can visit the nearest branch and upgrade his/her account by providing his/her personal wet-signature.

    It is a national initiative of the National Information Center of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to issue and manage citizens’ and residents’ digital identities similar to the physical ones.

    The service will be utilized in SAB Online Account Opening to authenticate the individual identity where the user must use his/her Absher credentials to proceed with the Online Account Opening service.

    If you don’t have Absher account, you can register for one by visiting Ministry of Interior official website at www.moi.gov.sa

    No, however you can open additional current accounts through logging into your SAB Net Account.


    If you still have not received your ATM/Debit Card, you can use the Online Account Service and upon a successful login, the system shall direct you to the SAB Phone Registration Step. One the other hand, if you have received your Debit/ATM card you can call the Call Center at 8001248888

    It is your Customer Number.

    Well, first you must have a SAB Phone account (SAB Phone Banking System) then you will be able to register for SAB Online by following the below instructions:

    1. Visit SAB Online at (https://www.services.online-banking.sabbnet.com/gpib?locale=en) and click on “NOT Registered?” link.
    2. Select “SAB Phone Number” as a Verification Method.
    3. Enter your SAB Phone Number which is your Customer Number.
    4. Enter your SAB Phone Pin. (If you have NOT registered for SAB Phone, refer to the answer of Q5.

    from eDesk+ machine

    Actually you will get all the benefits of Al Ruwaad bank account.

    Attractive special offers and promotions with SAB retail partners exclusively for Al Ruwaad customers.

    • Get a free SAB Titanium MasterCard Credit Card with no annual fees for the first year.
    • Free automated priority branch service with the specially designed Al Ruwaad ATM card.
    • Free Supplementary Credit Cards for family.
    • Free account statement.
    • Access to Wealth Management services.
    • 24 hour access to SAB Phone (Customer Service Centre) and SAB Online (Internet Banking).
    • Beneficiary account (First time one-off charge of SAR 50 per beneficiary account).
    • Free cheque book.
    • Special discount on safe deposit lockers.
    • National address
    • ABSHER account
    • Your email.
    • Saudi national ID.
    • Mobile number.

    You can activate your mada debit card through self-service kiosks.

    • Saudi and non-Saudi
    • New customer.
    • 18+ years old.

    No, there is no fees.


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