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    Interactive Teller Machine (ITM)


    Working Hours:

    From Sunday to Thursday from 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM.

    Services Available at following branches:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Through the Bank's website or SAB Mobile Application and find the location of the nearest ITM. 

    You must contact SAB’s customer service immediately to report your lost or stolen card, so that we can deactivate it. 

     In case of facing any problems with the ITM, please contact us at the number (8001212221), or via the e-mail (atmmonitoringunit@sabb.com), while making sure that your message contains the ITM number. 

    This may be for one of the following reasons:

    • A problem with the card.
    • A problem with the account.
    • Or a technical problem with the ITM.

    Does it work according to the 24-hour update system? The daily cash withdrawal limit can reach up to 50,000 riyals from each SAR account, and the cash withdrawal limit is updated on a daily basis.

    NINETY banknotes is the maximum number of banknotes that can be deposited through the SAB Cash Deposit Machines.(IN ONE OPERATION )

    This service is not currently available

    Yes, non-SAB clients can be served by providing them with the service of cash deposit to a client at the Bank or through cashing a check issued from SAB.

    There is no limit.

    e-Account opening

    Open your account online Instantly and easily … Save your time and effort and enjoy digital banking.


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