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    Multi-currency ATM


    What to do if you don't have an ATM Card

    Please visit any of our branches to get an instant card issued or Call SAB Phone on 8001248888 (within Saudi) +9668001248888 (outside Saudi) to request a new/replacement card.

    You can also request it through SAB Online.

    Once you receive your new/replacement card, you can activate it through SAB Phone or by visiting the nearest SAB Branch.

    SAB Branches & ATMs Locator

    We think finding a SAB Branch & ATM should be easy. That's why our extensive ATM networks are designed to give you the accessibility you need to your money, no matter where life takes you. 


    Forigen currency ATMs
    City  ATM ID

    ATM Location

    City ATM ID ATM Location 
    Riyadh  A103 AlTawoun Branch Jeddah  A543 Sharafia Branch
    Riyadh  A027 Rawdah Branch Jeddah  A065 Tahlia Street Branch
    Riyadh  A174 AlFaisaliya Branch Jeddah  AW14 King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) Light Branch #1
    Riyadh  A511 Olaya Branch Madina  AD31 Al Raidah Digital Lite Branch
    Riyadh  A519 AlNakheel Branch Jubail  A575 Jubail Industrial City Branch
    Riyadh  A199 Rabwa Branch Jubail  A780 Jubail Branch
    Riyadh  A526

    AlWarood Branch

    Dammam  AE43 King Fahd International Airport
    Riyadh  AD32

    Riyadh Diplomatic Qtr. Branch


    Frequently Asked Questions

    US Dollar, EURO and Saudi Riyal.

    100 bill denominations for both USD & EUR

     The daily cash withdrawal limit from ATMs is 5000 SAR or its equivalent in foreign currency. The withdrawal limit gets updated on the last hour of each day.

    Now, you can download SAB Mobile App, which is available on IPhone and Android online stores on SAB webpage. The App allows you to locate the nearest SAB ATM or Branch to your location.

    The first action that should be taken immediately is to call SAB to report a card lost incident to be deactivated.

    In case of ATM/CDM error or site issue, please call us on (8001212221) or send an email to (atmmonitoringunit@sabb.com) making sure to include the device number in your statement.

    You should submit a claim the issuer bank to start the refund process, after verifying the authenticity of the claim.

    Please refer to American Express to inquire about charges.

    Currently, only cash withdrawal transaction is available on SAB ATMs for American Express cardholders.

    Cash withdrawal is only available in Saudi Riyals.

    All SAB ATM network accepts American Express cards, you can download SAB Mobile App, which is available on IPhone and Android online stores, and on SAB webpage to locate the nearest SAB ATM to your location.

    The daily cash withdrawal limit from ATMs is 5000 SAR or its equivalent in foreign currency. The withdrawal limit gets updated on the last hour of each day.

    100,000 SAR- a hundred thousand Saudi Riyal.

    In case an ATM-jam or hardware error caused to rip-off one or more of the withdrawn cash notes, then customer could replace them through any of our branches or any other bank.
    Note: %75 of the actual note has to be available with customer to be replaced, otherwise, client has to submit a claim, and the bank will replace the cash verifying the authenticity of the claim.

    Yes, you can. If you’re transferring money to a SAB client then all you need to complete the transaction through ATM is the account number, and for local and international accounts you could transfer after you add and activate the beneficiary.

    You can add a beneficiary through your account on SAB Online or through branch, and then activate it through SAB phone.

    Yes, you could pay your bill through Utility payment in SAB ATMs.

    Yes, you can change your mobile number through ATM.

    ATM ID number is always gets printed on any transaction receipt. You could also find it on the identification panel placed on the upper part of the ATM next to the screen.

    Yes, the customer can repay the amounts owed by credit card through the ATM.

    Yes, customers can get a mini-statement slip and can request detailed account statement to be sent by mail.

    Yes, SAB client can donate to pre-identified charity accounts through SAB ATMs.

    Yes, clients can make MOI payments through ATMs.

    Yes, You could subscribe through ATMs.

    Yes, you could change PIN and activate the card through the ATMs.

    No, CDM can only accept SAR.

    The denominations are: Fifty Riyal (50), A Hundred Riyal (100), and Five hundred Riyal (500)

    A hundred banknote.

    Yes, through SAB ATMs you could choose to get a printed IBAN or receive it on an SMS.

    Yes, through SAB ATMs you can transfer money from your SAB account to any local Visa card and internationally with limitation. For more information about the available countries please call SAB Phone.

    You can send your proposal to:
    And attach the site map and details and your phone number with the email. Or you can contact us on (8001212221)

    e-Account opening

    Open your account online Instantly and easily … Save your time and effort and enjoy digital banking.


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