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Houses of the Needy Families

SAB provides, through “Tarmeem” Program, the necessary support to construct and renovate needy families’ houses in a number of the Kingdom’s area. This initiative aims to prepare the needy families’ houses with the necessary requirements of appliances and electrical devices, as to help those families who are in need to overcome the difficult living conditions. This initiative is distinct as it depends on the principle of field work with the participation of the bank staff and a specialized team to search for the families who are in need and provide them with the assistance needed.

Food Basket Program

SAB annually distributes a food basket containing many necessary foodstuffs for needy families, coinciding with the holy month of Ramadan

Winter clothing program

Through this program, SAB prepares a bag containing winter clothing that meets the needs of needy families during the winter season.

The Blind and the Deaf

In collaboration with well-known charities within the blindness and deafness fields, SAB focuses on establishing training centres and promoting skills development courses. These aim to help blind and deaf citizens become productive and financially independent members of society. To ease their banking experience, we also train our staff on how to communicate effectively with visually and hearing-impaired people.

Down Syndrome and Autism Sufferers

SAB works closely with Down Syndrome and Autism Centres around the regions to provide support and develop the educational tools required by those with special needs. We also train parents in the science and techniques of interacting with their children, from the early years through to adulthood.

Undergraduates and Postgraduates

As an integral part of many degree courses, the Bank runs a highly respected series of co-operative and summer training programmes for undergraduates, in association with several Saudi universities and institutes. We also offer

English Language scholarships in the UK to graduates of Shariah Law, helping improve their skills and enable them to practice Islamic banking internationally.

Kids Read" International Programme

In cooperation with The British Council, SAB sponsored the International Programme "Kids Read" at a number of schools in Riyadh. SAB staff participated in this Programme by reading books to the children, taking part in their arts activities, and performing administrative roles.

SAB Training Centre for the Blind

SAB worked In collaboration with the Blind Association Charity (Kafeef) to establish a fully equipped computer and Braille training centre for men and women. Training courses have also been arranged to allow for skill development that will help the blind find suitable employment opportunities, enabling them to become productive and financially independent members of society.

Prince Salman Centre for Disability Research

SAB sponsors the Prince Salman Centre for Disability Research (PSCDR) programme, which not only conducts research on disability, but also implements projects related to human development and progress. In addition, PSCDR promotes disability awareness and improves the standard of living for disabled people by helping them make the most of their inherent capabilities.

SAB Cooperative and Summer Programmes

SABB, in collaboration with a number of local universities and institutes across the Kingdom runs a highly respected six-month training programme for undergraduate students as an integral part of their graduation requirements.

In addition, we sponsor student summer courses at SAB across the Kingdom.

SABB’s Employment Programme for people with special needs

Under the supervision of the Disabled Children's Association, SABB’s sponsored Employment Programme for people with special needs aims to enhance employment opportunities for disabled persons. Under this Programme, SAB held several forums in various cities across the Kingdom where people with special needs as well as companies interested in hiring them were invited. This way, people with special needs got the chance to meet face-to-face with employers and discuss viable career options.

The Handicapped-Friendly Facilities Programme

SAB sponsors this national Programme to transform regular public facilities into disabled-friendly locations. The project, carried out by the Ministry of Civil Service in cooperation with the Social Responsibility Club at King Saud University, aims to provide free integrated studies at facilities in every sector. The project aims to make facilities suitable for people with special needs and the elderly.

Hajj and Umrah Trips

Every year during the Holy Month of Ramadan, SAB sponsors Hajj and Umrah trips that are organised by various charity organisations for people with special needs, the elderly and orphans.

Charity Committee for Orphan Care (ENSAN)

ENSAN is one of the leading organisations dedicated to orphans. SABB’s support includes donating school bags and stationery as well as sponsoring Umrah and Hajj programmes for orphans and their families. In addition, SAB sponsors orphan enrolment in diploma programmes relevant to their interests, enabling them to acquire qualifications in different fields.

SAB supports the charity organisation "ETAAM"

SAB supports the charity organisation "ETAAM" (Jubail branch) by contributing to its projects and helping with the assembly and distribution of food to needy families in various regions of the Kingdom. The Organisation seeks to promote a culture that denounces wastefulness and encourages solidarity with members of society.

The Voice of Down Syndrome Society

SAB sponsors several students under the 'Educational and Rehabilitative' programme at the Voice of Down Syndrome Society. The programme provides children who have Down Syndrome with comprehensive services such as medical care, speech therapy, physical therapy, parental care and educational/rehabilitative programmes.

Blood Donation Campaigns

SAB drives an awareness campaign for the admirable cause of supporting hospitals with blood shortages. In collaboration with several hospitals around the Kingdom, the Bank encourages its staff to participate in World Blood Donor Day, celebrated each year on 14 June.

SAB Autism Sensory Room

SAB established an autism sensory room at the Mother of Faisal Autism Centre (MFAC), the room provides training and skill development to autistic children according to their individual capabilities. It helps improve their ability to adapt to their surroundings and interact socially using their senses.

SAB Educational Aids Unit

SAB sponsors the 'Educational Aids Unit' of the Disabled Children Association in Jeddah. The initiative provides the necessary tools and materials for children to acquire specific skills through special educational programmes.

SAB also sponsors the 'Art Programme' and the production of their 'Art Workbook'.

SAB Anti-Smoking Programme

SAB promotes International Anti-Smoking Day, held annually on the 31st of May. The Bank offers its employees a clinical examination/check-up where the smokers among them get a health report regarding their smoking habits.

Moreover, SAB sponsors activities for the Anti-Smoking Charitable Association, providing tools and equipment needed to improve the association's ability to perform effectively and achieve its objectives.

SAB MBA Scholarships

In collaboration with the British Council, SAB developed the MBA scholarship scheme in 1997. Every year the scheme enables around five Saudi graduates, both male and female, to obtain MBA degrees from recognised universities in the UK. SAB provides not only the tuition fees but also accommodation and living expenses as well as travel costs.