Kafalah Programme – Supporting SME segment in Saudi Arabia

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Kafalah program aims to provide a variety of SMEs oriented services and funding solutions in cooperation with the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF). The Bank provides financing to eligible clients up to SAR 15 Mill.

The following are the main objectives of Kafalah program:

  • Provide finance to small & medium enterprises through a variety of Shariah-compliant solutions, to enable them to develop and expand their activities, and encourage banks to extend finance to small and medium sized projects.
  • Contribute to the enhancement of the level of competition between the small and medium enterprises locally, in a way that is reflected positively on the Saudi economy in many aspects, primarily through increasing job opportunities, improving training and employment as well as replacement of imported goods by locally produced goods.
  • Enhance the capabilities of SMEs through effective funding programs to assist in producing highest quality of goods and services.
  • Support and boost the Kingdom’s gross domestic product (GDP).
  • Improve the performance of small and medium enterprises, in order to increase the value added to the Saudi economy through these projects.
  • Provide new job opportunities.
  • Develop small and medium enterprises in remote and isolated areas.
  • Encourage banks to deal with the SMEs sector.

Definition of Small and Medium Enterprises:

Type of Kafalah Products: