SAB Advance Visa Credit Card

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SAB Advance Visa Platinum credit card offers you many advantages while travelling at competitive profit rates.

Insurance Coverage

Wait there’s more incredible rewards to being a SAB Advance Credit Cardholder Don’t delay, Apply for a SAB Advance Credit Card today.

See more SAB Advance Credit Card benefits below:

  • No annual fee for SAB Advance customers
  • Payment flexibility: Pay as low as 5% of the total outstanding and revolve the remaining amount subject to preferential annual percentage rate (APR 28.68%)
  • International Acceptance: The card is recognized locally as well as internationally at more than 29 million outlets world-wide.
  • Flexible repayment methods: Ability to settle outstanding bills via SAB Phone or SAB Online, or pay by cash or cheque at any of our branches or through SADAD Service.
  • Convenience of our 24-hour toll-free number within
  • Full lost card protection if SAB is informed immediately upon loss of card in writing. the Kingdom and from abroad.
  • Up to 30% of credit limit can be withdrawn as cash advance from 900,000 ATMs and financial institutions within the Kingdom and around the world.
  • Cash on Call.
  • Internet and Phone banking.
  • SMS alert Service.
  • Free Purchase Protection.