SAB Debit Card

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With the new SAB Debit Card, you no longer need to carry cash in your wallet. Our Debit Card offers you flexibility, convenience and worldwide acceptance.

Features and Services

Online Payment

Online payment is now easier than ever. Now, you can use your SAB mada Debit Card for online purchases, which offers you more flexibility, convenience and options than ever before.

  • You can increase the daily limit on your SAB Debit Card for online payments by using all of SAB’s digital channels (SAB Online, SAB Phone , and ATM’s), at any time, knowing that the default daily limit is SAR 5,000.
  • Online Payment feature will be activated automatically upon activating your SAB mada Debit Card.
  • You can deactivate and then activate the Online Payment feature using SAB digital channels.
  • Online shopping is more secure with our 3D Secure Service.

Point of sale purchase

Now you can use your SAB Debit Card to pay for your everyday purchases through Point of Sale terminals at a large number of retail outlets in the Kingdom and over 20 million retail outlets worldwide.

Cash Withdrawal

You can withdraw cash from your bank account by using your SAB Debit Card at all local ATMs and more than 1 million ATMs worldwide.

You can also make the most of a wide range of self-service banking services, including our ATMs and deposit machines.

    ***Daily cash withdrawal limit is SAR 5,000


Purchasing through Debit Cards allows customers to request the cashback service from the merchant. The cash amount will then be deducted directly from the customer’s bank account along with the purchase amount, and the customer will receive the cash from the merchant.

  • You can benefit from the service when using your SAB Debit Card for point of sale purchase at merchants who provide the service
  • The minimum value for Cashback is 1 SAR and the maximum value is 400 SAR per day
  • There is no maximum number of transactions per day on which Cashback could be requested
  • The service is automatically available for all SAB Debit Cards
  • Purchasing with Cashback service is available at Merchants that display a “Purchase with Cashback” sign/poster 
  • This service is free of charge

Daily limit

You can now increase your daily limit for point-of-sale purchases made with your SAB Debit Card up to SAR 200,000.

How to subscribe to the service

  • Visit any of our online channels (SAB Online, ATM) under “Debit Card Services” menu
  • Call us on 8001248888 (All customers) 8001160099 (Premier customers) or 8001248666 (Advance customers)
  • Choose the daily limit of the purchase amount as follows
    1. Up to SAR 20,000
    2. Up to SAR 40,000
    3. Up to SAR 60,000
    4. Up to SAR 80,000
    5. Up to SAR 100,000 which can be increased to 200,000 SAR maximum and must be multiples of 20,000 Saudi riyals